That chronic pain/mental illness intersection feel when “do i have no energy nor desire nor physical capability to do shit because im depressed or am i depressed because i have no energy nor desire nor physical capability to do shit”

I know I reblogged this already but this has been my number one issue lately. I’ve been experiencing the worst fatigue that I’ve been sleeping on and off, can’t stay awake for more than a couple hours at a time. I can’t tell if it’s just fatigue, if it’s depression, or if I’m having a flare. But when I do have a little more energy, I can’t get myself up to do what I need to get done. It’s a never ending cycle. Anyone else having this problem? I’ve never really been on anti-depressants for more than a couple weeks, but now I’m starting to wonder If I should try them again. Sigh. (Just reread everything I wrote. I totally have depression.)





If you think all Black people’s blogs are “social justice” blogs, you’re racist.

I read some newspaper article recently that pretty much summed up Tumblr and the responses to it this way—privileged people who come…




little things that help ease symptoms of depression:

  • turn the lights on and open a window
  • eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
  • find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
  • take a long, relaxing bath
  • do yourself up in full make up and hair
  • be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
  • watch something funny on netflix
  • wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
  • immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
  • lose yourself in a really good book or movie